The Manor of Rétival

The mansion is a long and rich history. Objects found on the site of the manor, including debris, objects daily utensils and coins, indicate the presence of Celtic and Roman peoples. In Roman times, the Rue Saint-Clair was a way trade and transport.

 In the early Middle Ages, Rétival served as a gathering place Templar. The “cross of the Templars” 12th century AD, a heritage protected building, which is the current entrance of the mansion, certifies that presence. For centuries, the chief citizens Caudebec lent oath before the cross of the Templars.

There are about 300 years old this building was replaced by a new (which is now the central part of the manor). some 150 years later, the house was expanded and flanked by two wings. It is from this period also dates the chapel Saint-Clair.